RJ Industries offers first-class quality fabrication services as part of its foundry and metal casting projects. The company houses a team of efficient fabricators who are effective in their deliverables, ensuring terrific products at exceptional value. We offer fabrication services for cast steel, mild steel, iron, and aluminum.

After determining product goals, the team at RJ Industries recommendsthe optimum utilization of resources, cost-effective measures of initiation and implementation while keeping the budget of materials tight enough. Also, we make sure that the right production methods are used for meeting the client requirements without any compromise on quality or performance.

Our Fabrication services include:

  • Determine product goals and design specifications
  • Explore range of options to ensure best performance and value.
  • Strategic pattern development for meeting requirements
  • Dispatch of initial product samples before production.
  • Delivery of manufacturing logistics
  • Additional processing with machining and/or assembly

Whether it is steel casting, or assembled conveying fixture, RJ Industries and its foundries can deliver custom parts as per specifications.