Alloy Casting Services

If you're searching for a one-stop shop in alloy casting and non-ferrous foundry, look no further than RJ Industries. With a suite of foundry services under the canopy, our unwavering commitment to quality, precision and adherence to customerrequirement, helps us in delivering better than the rest. We promise a quick turnaround time, owing to the considerable expertise and experience of our team of engineers.

We strive to offer multiple benefits with our alloy castings with its versatile use and wide-range of characteristics. Our products have controlled surface finish, and impeccable dimensional accuracy, even for complex geometries. We also make sure that our alloys can withstand corrosion, provide thermal and electrical conductivity, while being fully recyclable.

Our alloy casting services are not only restricted to custom alloy research and development, but also the implementation and adherence of latest casting and machining process recommendations. We also perform complete physical property testing and offer reverse engineering services too.